New Patreon Page!

20th April 2020

We’ve recently set up a new Patreon page at – it’s something we’ve been thinking about for a while. Since becoming parents, we’ve realised the way we’ve toured in the past won’t be as possible in the future. We wanted to find a way to continue creating and releasing music that didn’t involve so many 2am drives up the M1 but which still makes it accessible to YOU, our beloved fans. The current situation has precipitated our decision to make NOW the time to launch this, but we intend to keep it running long after Corona is once again just another lager in the well-stocked aisles of our supermarkets.In return for your Patreonage, we’ll be presenting you with brand new songs, never-before-heard original demos of our back catalogue in their very first skeletal forms, tutorial videos of how to play some of our songs, cover versions of songs, ‘Behind The Song’ videos, exclusive performances, handwritten lyric sheets, personal credits on our future album sleeves, guestlist tickets to our shows and ‘lucky dip’ mystery content (featuring Jamie’s awful artistic ability, Katriona’s impatience with any food preparation exceeding 20 minutes, and many more gems).

We hope you’ll join us on our creative journey!

Katriona & Jamie

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