5th November 2015

Production: Spiral Earth

Forming the first half of the evenings entertainment at The Acoustic Routes venue of the basement at CB2 in Cambridge, Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts have been working together as a duo since 2006, as well as being parts of Tiny Tin Lady (Gilmore) and Kerfuffle (Roberts). Their debut album, ‘Shadows and Half Light’ is released this November. Citing influences as wide as Nancy Kerr & James Fagan and the Levellers has resulted in fresh and innovative songwriting that showcases their unique talents.

I knew that Jamie is a talented and innovative guitarist from seeing him with Kerfuffle, with Katriona however he really lets lose, his choppy percussive guitar style is amazing, it sounds like he’s got a drum and bass in there when he gets going. However, he never lets all that exuberance overpower a song, he can be as light as a feather when required. Likewise Katriona has wonderful depth and expression in her fiddle playing, and also on the mandolin, which she admitted to only just learning – she could have fooled me as it sounded as if she had been playing it all her life.

The songs All Along The Barley and Skip & Jump really stood out to me, you can hear clips of them on their web site.This young duo has huge promise, we are looking forward to hearing the album and seeing them again live.

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