In Our History – LIVE (digital download)



Released 01.11.2016

Exactly 10 years to the day since their first EP release, Gilmore & Roberts present their first live album to mark their first decade as a duo. Recorded on tour in spring 2016, the album features their most requested songs, performed in the pure duo format.

  1. Doctor James (LIVE)
  2. Scarecrow / Elzick’s Farewell (LIVE)
  3. She Doesn’t Like Silence (LIVE)
  4. The Stealing Arm (LIVE)
  5. Silver Screen (LIVE)
  6. Selfish Man (LIVE)
  7. All I’ve Known (LIVE)
  8. Fleetwood Fair (LIVE)
  9. Billy Green (LIVE)
  10. Cecilia (LIVE)
  11. Travelling In Time (LIVE)
  12. Peggy Airey (LIVE)
  13. Time Soldiers On (LIVE)

Come with a digital booklet.